Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome To Landescapism

Good Day, if you're here, you've most likely landed here from my portfolio, random googling or because you have an interest in my photographic works.

so.. What is Landescapism?

Yes it's not a real word but more rather it's an imaginary word I've made up and come to love to describe the photos I take that deal with landscape photography.

It means a lot to me and adds insight into how I view the world. You may be able to feel, smell or even hear the things I went through just from looking at the photos because I've put in my soul to making a piece of memory.

So why land-escapism? We're not trying to get away from anything. My concept is actually quite the opposite.. I want you to dive deeper into it. Seeing things differently. Perhaps on a more larger scale, I want to change your perceptions of landscape photography.

I'll post up stuff from time to time detailing great photos. Perhaps some adventure stories, and photoshop tutorials and what not but stay tuned.. I think this is going to be great..!

So step out now, look at the world differently. Beauty is everywhere and it's about time you open your eyes and start seeing.

More to come.

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